Integration of Safety & Cybersecurity

Automated driving will fundamentally and permanently change the mobility of the future: highly automated vehicles are designed to prevent most traffic accidents, provide mobility for people who have limited access to individual transport options and massively improve the efficiency of the transport system, which in turn will lead to positive environmental and economic effects.


  • The physical vehicle components will be connected to high-speed data interfaces of other vehicles, as well as the entire transport infrastructure - from road to control system.
  • Software updates will be continuously updated via over-the-air updates and will allow for completely new security-related functional enhancements.
  • Personal safety no longer depends only on functional safety but more and more also on cybersecurity.


Thus, the interdisciplinary issue of security will increasingly become an important factor for success and decide how fast, which solution or technology will catch on. This requires our expertise.



An excerpt from our research and development projects:

  • auto.bus - Seestadt: Technology developments for autonomous driving for local public transport: Current location of the autonomous buses
  • Cyber security for transport infrastructure and road operators as a foundation for autonomous, networked driving: Cooperation project with i.a. infrastructure operators and manufacturers, telecom companies and partners from research and science.
  • TÜV AUSTRIA supports, as an associated project partner, the development of the Styrian Automated Driving Test Region (ALP.Lab) and the Test Region Austria-North (DigiTrans).
  • Aspects of functional safety and cyber security from the development of automated vehicles in cooperation with the VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research: Video
    White Paper