NEXT HORIZON is the Digital Acceleration Incubator of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group.

At NEXT HORIZON, Pioneers are exploring new technologies and methods in three areas and developing trailblazing service innovations based on research.


The world is undergoing a rapid digital transformation. Partnerships with robots are becoming increasingly closer, as the industry moves toward individualized solutions. Lot size 1 is no longer a utopia.

The headline for this is known as "Industry 4.0".


"Automated Driving" is also a topic everyone is talking about. As technology is taking over the wheel, the driver has time for other activities.


On the other hand, “Internet of Things” (IoT) will facilitate many everyday activities.


The common denominator of all these trends is the new emerging challenges for safety and security: human saftey and the security of data and information flow.

The concept of safety changes from a static state to a highly dynamic and continuous process. In an increasingly digitalized world, security becomes a competitive advantage.


In the NEXT HORIZON incubator of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group, new disruptive models are being developed for the areas of "Industry 4.0", "Automated Driving" and "Internet of Things" and tested on the market. User-centric design is the major focus.